Designing and Communicating

How does ACR’s design group differ from its competitors?

Our philosophy revolves around one simple word that drives everything we do — service. And that translates into things like:

  • We'll always suggest layout and production methods that can save our clients time and money. Web and print production processes change very quickly. It's our job to stay current so we can pass our knowledge on to you.
  • A willingness to juggle our own work schedules to meet our clients needs and always having writing and editing staff available to check layout revisions.

Of course as much as we like to think that it’s our many years of experience, when we ask our clients what keeps making them come back, they tell us that:

  • “You put the same effort into our small jobs as our high-end design projects."
  • "You’re resourceful — you always find a way to give us what we need, even when our budget is tight. And you don’t nickel and dime us over small changes."
  • "You never let us down. Even when we encounter internal glitches."
  • "You guys are fun to work with. I feel like part of the team with ACR and you do a great job educating us on processes where we lack experience — like deciphering printers' estimates and handling press checks.
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