how to Develop and Deliver a Powerful Story: Communications Planning and Execution

How can ACR help ensure my communications are hitting their target?  

ACR understands that effective communication begins with effective planning.  We understand that you want your marketing investments to deliver the best possible results.  You want to make sure you are delivering the right messages to the right people, through the right channels — and that you are spending your communications dollars wisely.  We will work with you to develop a strategic communications plan designed to achieve the results you seek, so that you hit your targets bang-on.  And, we can also help you execute the plan.

When is a communications plan most beneficial?

Communications planning — like all planning— provides a roadmap for taking action to achieve results. A plan helps you to clarify what you want to accomplish through your communications, and sets out effective strategies, tactics and measures of success. Communications plans are especially useful when:

  • Searching for ways to communicate more effectively 
  • Attempting to influence a number of different audiences
  • Launching a new product or service 
  • Changing structure, mission, brand and/or strategic direction
  • Rolling out new employee initiatives or a new HR strategy
  • Undertaking an awareness campaign or preparing new policy announcements
  • Holding an event for media, clients, partners and other stakeholders
  • Facing a communications challenge or crisis
  • Seeking to raise your profile more broadly

What will I get from a communications plan?

Every plan is unique and ACR’s professionals will work with you to customize a plan to meet your needs based on your unique goals.  But every good communications plan has certain core elements.   At ACR, we believe the foundation of good communications rests upon a “powerful story."  

So, a key component of a communications plan is the development of compelling messages that resonate with your various audiences.  Through research and analysis, we will help you understand your audiences and identify strong, clear messaging for each audience group.  No matter how complex your messages, we will help you shape them into information that is simple, persuasive and relevant.  

You want to get the right messages out to the right people but you also need to use the right channels. The communications plan will also include creative and strategic approaches and tactics for telling your story to the people you want to hear it. It will establish timelines for executing your plan. And it will also set out ways to measure the impact of your communications against your objectives.

Time to implement the plan. Can ACR help with the roll out?

ACR’s communications professionals have developed and executed communications plans for clients with a wide range of needs, in a number of sectors.  Our clients include government departments and agencies, industry associations and businesses.  

In some cases, we've developed detailed communications plans for clients and they have implemented the plans themselves.  At other times, we have worked closely with our clients to support them in the implementation.  We can provide you with the services that work best for you!