Web Site Development


RealDecoy’s areas of expertise cover the entire spectrum of web technologies, including multiple languages and platforms. With staff possessing a wide range of skills and experience, its solutions are custom-made for each client. Rather than forcing one technology to fit all projects, RealDecoy works with the client to identify which technologies best meet its needs. Whether you need a content management system, a website search solution or simply a simple HTML website, RealDecoy is the team for you.

Due to the wide variety of technologies, the actual process for development can take one of many paths to completion. With certain technologies the development phase may be started well in advance of the finalised designs. While for static HTML and Flash driven projects, the creative designs are required before the development can begin.

Quality assurance is an integral part of a successful project delivery. The development and testing methodology at RealDecoy is designed to find errors or omissions as early as possible in the development process to minimize or eliminate costly revisions. RealDecoy’s dedicated quality assurance team is certified by the Quality Assurance Institute.