Web Site Development

ACR and its technology partner RealDecoy can design and build virtually any type of website or internet application. From the design of a simple information site to the coding for applications driving complex data-driven business sites with thousands of pages, we can turn your website into the tool you and your customers need.


No matter what size your site is, we believe in up-front planning. It's the single greatest factor in the success of any web project. A properly structured planning document serves as a blueprint for an entire team of designers, writers and developers to work towards a common goal. A thorough plan includes several documents depending on the scope of the project:

  • Project Brief
  • Information Architecture
  • Functional Specification
  • Interaction Design
  • Technical Architecture

Measuring success.

For any project to be successful, one must understand overriding questions that influence the entire project and define critical success factors -- the measuring sticks used to rate the new site against on a regular basis to ensure the project is considered a success.


Our approach ensures that the interface we design for your site will be adapted effectively to the web. Because we take the key ingredients of a successful site into account before we sit down and start designing -- effective user interaction, usability and accessibility.